BREXIT: Pushing for amendments

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Whether your readers are ‘leavers’ or ‘remainers’, we think that an amendment soon to be made to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill is of importance to everyone.

On December 13, Amendment 7 goes to the House of Commons.

It is proposed by Conservative MP Dominic Grieve and supported by more than 60 other MPs from Conservative, Green, Labour, Lib Dem and SNP parties.

Its purpose is to give parliament a proper vote on the final Brexit deal.

With help from our MPs, regardless of whichever party he or she belongs to, we need this amendment to be accepted.

In this way, our MPs are given the chance to fully scrutinise whatever agreement the government makes with Brussels before we leave – and the option to remain in the EU stays on the table.

In the interests of democracy, we would encourage your readers to write to their MPs asking them to support this amendment.

It is not biased in favour of either leave or remain positions, but it does include the option to reject the deal if parliament considers it is in the interests of the UK.

This amendment will probably go to a vote, and we will be able to see which way our MPs have voted immediately afterwards.

It is easy to contact your MP by email. Just search Parliament online and put in your postcode. All their contact details pop up.

Bridget Gubbins

Angels For Europe facilitator