BREXIT: Scrutinising the process

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I wanted to thank you for the article on Chance to Discuss Brexit with Angels (News Post Leader, September 7).

I was delighted to know that there was a group based in the North East, covering the constituencies of all four of our local MPs and affiliated with the European movement, with the aims of scrutinising the Brexit process.

This includes the aim of getting an option to remain in the EU at the end of that process.

As someone who was deeply uneasy with the EU referendum result and the real prospect of a hard Brexit, I am very concerned about this government’s interpretation of ‘taking back control’ from the EU.

It is now set on giving that control not to our elected representatives in parliament, but to the government ministers.

The government has also ensured that the Conservatives have a majority on the committee discussing the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

This is despite the party now having no overall majority in the House of Commons, having lost it at the General Election.

It was refreshing for me to meet a great group of like-minded people in Angels for Europe.

If there is anyone else out there who feels as I do, I urge you to take a look at its website to find out more.

You can find it at

Perhaps you would also like to come along and meet members of the group?

We will be in attendance and ready to chat at Blyth Market, between 11am and noon, on September 30?

Whether you voted to leave the EU, or remain in it, we are interested in hearing your views.

Lynda McKenna