Bring life back to Blyth

Further to Mr Henderson’s and Ms Pearson’s letters (News Post Leader, May 23 and May 30) regarding the local public transport system.

I also work in Newcastle upon Tyne and for an organisation that does not close early regardless of public holidays.

I use the X10 and have to leave the house in the early hours of the morning and return late at night, although my working hours are quite reasonable 8.30 am-4.30 pm, I unfortunately have to add one-and-a-half to two hours to my journey, morning and night just to get to and from work due to the buses taking so long to get from Blyth to Newcastle and vice versa.

Not only do I find this so-called ‘express’ bus takes so long, but can anyone tell me the reason for buses standing around idle at bus stops such as the Civic Centre, Manor Walk Shops and the Black Diamond?

I find this increasingly frustrating especially when you have high hopes your bus will get you to either work earlier or home that little bit earlier due to school holidays or where the roads have been relatively quieter than normal, to unfortunately find that the bus driver is early and therefore turns the engine off at the stops mentioned above and you have to sit for five to 10 minutes going nowhere while he reads the paper or takes a cigarette break!

I cannot understand the point in this. Surely the bus organisation should realise we spend enough time on these bus journeys to want to sit and wait for an extra five to 10 minutes going nowhere!

I am sure Arriva would find a lot more people using their services if they reduced the length of time a journey takes to get from Blyth to Newcastle and vice versa.

My journey is timetabled to take 50 minutes, although this is often sometimes a lot longer due to traffic and I can appreciate that older people may be reluctant to travel for this length of time without having access to a restroom.

I am a relatively young and healthy individual and I have been caught out on a couple of occasions when trying to get home.

I have found myself having to get off to use facilities in Cramlington and this therefore adds to the length of time it takes me to get home.

I have a car, but I am reluctant to use it due to the lack of parking facilities within Newcastle city centre itself, but as time passes may have to consider getting it out of the garage due to the increasing frustration I feel on a weekly basis due to our local bus service.

Surely it would make more sense to have three direct buses running from Blyth to Newcastle and three from Cramlington to Newcastle rather than the six buses (X11 and X10) per hour which is currently run at the moment or better still extend the Metro or rail link to our ‘dying town’ and bring some life back to Blyth.

Diane Richards