Change is needed now

What is going on in Blyth? Does anyone in the council care? I didn’t think that our town could get any worse, but seemingly it can.

The park and the beach is beautiful; the Maritime, the Ulster Centre is great – so much so, parking needs to be extended. But this only happened because a business owner took a risk, invested in a rundown shack and worked hard to build it up.

But what has happened to our town centre? It resembles the forgotten land. I have been to meetings galore, even organised them. And yet, we are still no further forward.

The town struggled through the market being dug up, then all of the subsequent problems, such as flooding and cracked roads. Then Morrisons and building work, which was almost the final straw for some. Finally, the closure of well-established business Woodcocks, followed by Westgate House.

I no longer receive information about upcoming events, such as the fair as I previously disagreed with them being organised on a Sunday when there are no shops open. We need to work together so people come to Blyth when the shops are open so everyone benefits.

We need a change, a chance to help struggling businesses survive. Whether this change is to the council or local MPs, I don’t know, but someone needs to step up to the plate, take ownership and be accountable.

Dawn Powell

Dolly Dimples