Clean streets are what we require

I WOULD like to point out that of the two events mentioned in Coun Reid’s letter (News Post Leader, February 3) where money has been set aside by Blyth Town Council, namely for the Royal Wedding and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, one the jubilee, is not until 2012.

Also mentioned were improvements to the market place – what improvements?

Surely enough money has already been spent on what most residents consider to have been a waste in the first place.

If there is money set aside it could surely be put to much better use – it could be used to educate people about leaving dirt and litter around our town.

Some of the streets I walk through on my way to Blyth are absolutely disgusting with dog dirt, litter, and the usual millions of cigarette ends which people empty out of their cars.

The county council’s magazine asked if we liked clean streets – well yes we would like clean streets but we cannot keep on blaming the council for all the rubbish that is left around.

We are all going to have to face tough times so I think like most residents, if there is some allocation of funds then we ought to be trying to clean up the town and the streets.

I was born and bred in Blyth and like many older residents I am appalled at what I see happening.


Woodbine Terrace