Consultation can remove humps

IN response to the letter (News Post Leader, March 24), the correspondent asks why the road humps in Elsdon Avenue, Seaton Delaval, not being done away with altogether?

County Hall does not work that way.

The council say the humps were put there years ago after a majority of the residents requested them in a consultation.

Therefore the only way that they can be removed is by a majority of the residents asking for them to be taken off in another consultation.

That consultation has now taken place where every resident of Elsdon Avenue received a consultation letter and returned it to County Hall.

The correspondent may have received one depending on where they live.

There would have been no consultation as at first County Hall wanted me to pay for it, but I objected to this and finally they gave in and found the money for it.

This request of County Hall in this matter has to be by properly conducted postal consultation and not through a petition.

As for the long awaited road repairs in Elsdon Avenue, I was at the Local Transport Plan meeting in Choppington on January 25 where it was again revealed that Elsdon Avenue was at the top of the list for road repairs, where it has been for some considerable time.

The highways department was waiting for the county’s budget to be approved on February 23 for things to get started.

There are 20 other road resurfacing schemes to be carried out in south east Northumberland and Elsdon Avenue is getting its fair share of the money.

Road closure notices have to be published and contractors organised, and those who design what will be done have to get it right.

Three double decker services a day now use that road and it must not collapse again.

If the majority of residents don’t want the humps they won’t be put back.

I will always support what the majority of residents want.

Thanks for the excellent photo of the road sign leading to Elsdon Avenue published in the News Post Leader.

There are at least four street addresses missing from it. I will get that put right as soon as I am able to, or however long it takes County Hall to find the time to do it.


Lib Dem councillor Holywell Ward

Northumberland County Council