COUNCIL: Hard work is appreciated

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I would like to express my thanks to Choppington Parish Council for its hard work, the results of which can be clearly seen throughout Guide Post and Choppington.

The level of soft estate maintenance improves each year and all of the maintenance staff should be congratulated for this achievement.

I would also like to thank our county councillor, David Ledger, and the members of the parish council for managing the annual budget and ensuring that it is spent wisely.

At long last a new pavement has been provided in St Paul’s Churchyard, and the sea of daffodils is a clear sign that summer will soon be here.

There has been criticism of other parish councils in this newspaper, perhaps those councillors should visit our area and see exactly what can be achieved for a relatively small annual tax contribution.

From speaking to friends and neighbours, the only negatives are from a relatively small percentage of the residents who seem to have totally lost any level of respect for the community and environment they live in.

So please don’t openly discard your litter, be mindful of other pedestrians, pick up your dog waste and let’s all enjoy the fruits of our parish council’s hard work.

This shouldn’t distract from the positive improvements we see each year, so once again very well done.

W Sanderson