Council picking on a minority

LIKE many people I abhor irresponsible dog owners who are so ignorant as to not clear up after their animals.

However, your front page article on Northumberland County Council’s latest campaign to impose spot penalties on such people (News Post Leader, January 6) does seem to highlight the impression that the council is picking on a minority.

Litter blights many areas and our elected body seems incapable of dealing effectively with this problem, which nationally costs the country the cost of a brand new hospital annually (BBC News).

Where are the campaigns to prosecute those litter louts who dump food wrappers, drinks bottles, supermarket trolleys, the contents of car cigarette ashtrays – I could go on.

The 2005 Clean Neighbourhood Act and Criminal Law covers such offences, but all I see are minuscule posters on bins with threats of fines.

These appear rarely to be enacted as the litter problem continues to spoil our county and cost the council tax payer more and more in these cash stricken times.