COUNTY HALL: Settle matter of the costs

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The election of councillors for Northumberland County Council is fast approaching and an issue much bandied about by the two main political parties is the cost of the build for the new council offices in Ashington.

Labour says it is £32m and the Conservatives initially said £40m, but have now upped that to £80m.

This is an important issue for voters and some will be influenced by one set of figures or the other.

There are individuals on both sides of this divide whose views I respect, but on this occasion they can’t all be right.

I note that some candidates are using the £32m figure to justify that there would be little financial penalty in cancelling the scheme.

Is it possible for a non-political group, such as the News Post Leader, to see the contract and report what figure is contained in it?

If the contract price is about £32m then please could those who advocate the £80m figure show what bolt-on issues raise the cost to the larger amount?

Surely the removal bill is not £48m.

Alan Tailford