Cut management not the workforce

IT seems to be a sad fact of life that job losses and redundancies are a product of the way the country has been governed over the past 13 years, and an inability to budget correctly is no excuse.

The same law applies to local authorities who have to ensure that the ratepayer – who pays the annual determined rate in the hope that it will be spent correctly and for the right motives – is given full value for money.

However, after the debacle of the lack of snow clearance in most, if not all, of the residential areas of the south of the county, and the ridiculous state of affairs, re the partial repair of potholes in Elsdon Avenue, Seaton Delaval, it seems the council’s answer is to reduce/eliminate some front line services in the belief that it will save money.

The answer is plain enough, however, if we were to get rid of half of the excessive number of middle and upper management at the council coupled with at least two or three of the ‘executive’ positions, the savings would be far greater, whilst preserving the aforementioned services for the public.

We are constantly informed that the council has to pay ‘top dollar’ to get the best and most capable management staff – but it seems that whilst we are paying the amounts, we aren’t getting the quality we are entitled to.

If we continue like this there will be no ‘Indians’ at all – just a bunch of ‘Chiefs’ receiving massive salaries whilst apologising for not being good enough.

In private industry, managements are slimmed down viciously and those remaining are called upon to take on additional work and responsibility.

It seems to be the other way around here, take on more managers but get rid of the grass roots who actually go out and do the work.

It needs to be sorted and quickly – we have watched this go on for years and enough is enough.


Seaton Delaval