DAM: Councillors must act

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With regard to Humford Dam, Phil Temple hit the nail on the head in his reference to Northumberland County Council’s responsibilities as owner and manager of Humford Country Park and Nature Reserve, (News Post Leader, August 10).

Northumberland County Council is also a member of the Northumberland Rivers Catchment Partnership so it should be well aware of the scheme to demolish the dam.

Despite this, rather than informing and involving the people of Bedlington in the debate, it has kept very quiet.

We’ve seen the huge and growing numbers of people opposing the demolition of the dam, and I would urge the newly-elected county councillors for Bedlington to step up to the plate by asking questions of their council and its officers.

Likewise, our West Bedlington Town Council should be reflecting the views of the people it represents by telling both Northumberland County Council and the Rivers Trust that it opposes this needless loss of another part of Bedlington’s proud history.

Tony Rugman-Jones