DEVELOPMENT: Make your voice heard

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If County Hall is not being relocated to Ashington, then assurance is needed that the planned office space will be fully occupied and will still provide 1,000 jobs, albeit not the planned County Hall staff.

If that is not the case, it is the people of Ashington who should decide what goes on the Lintonville site.

If we don’t speak up we’ll be left with an 1,000-desk office block standing empty and have a second white elephant in the town to add to the first.

Better that we decide what we want.

Perhaps a Vue cinema, Frankie & Benny’s, Pizza Hut (or similar), a pub, bowling alley, a shopping mall?

If we don’t make our voice heard, the politicians will decide for us.

Start your Facebook campaign now, email Northumberland County Council or Arch, phone, text or write to them.

But please, people of Ashington, make your voice heard.

Irene Walker