DIVISION: Our town is losing out

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Well done to Make a Noise 4 Bedlington for bringing the people of Bedlington together to achieve some acknowledgement that Northumberland County Council appears to have had no investment policy for Bedlington, and that politics has kept Bedlington and other parish councils down with facilities, (News Post Leader, September 1).

We in Bedlington should remember what we have lost over the years and how politics continue to divide us by having three separate parish councils, rather than one Bedlington Town Council, and the ‘for sale’ sign should be taken down.

Did Ashington councillors let Northumberland County Council sell their Town Hall? No, they stopped it.

Boundary changes and hope and aspirations are what we need, not photos of old men on hoardings promising us Nirvana while they appear to look after their own patch.

Let’s look at what has been demolished over the years – Humford baths closed and replaced with nothing, public toilets closed, town council offices closed and for sale, everything of value seemingly sold or demolished.

We are now seeing some investment after mass protest.

Since a so-called unitary authority has been established, towns all around us have prospered.

Does that mean our elected councillors are not ‘Making a Noise 4 Bedlington’?

I Docherty