DRIVING: A plea to slow down

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This is an open letter to all drivers who use Hotspur Avenue and Church Lane in Bedlington.

Many of you are ignoring the recently imposed 20mph speed limit on this estate.

It seems likely that this limit will not be enforced unless complaints come from residents to the police and the council.

If this happens and the speed limit is seen to be impractical or unenforceable, the alternative will be sleeping policemen, or ’speed humps’ as they are commonly called.

None of us wants speed humps on this estate. They damage cars and cause more pollution due to an increase in braking and acceleration. So everybody, please slow down.

Your journey will only take a few seconds longer if you travel at 20mph instead of 30mph, or as some of you do, 40mph.

Once speed humps are in place we will never be rid of them. Their appearance, or lack of appearance, depends on you

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