DUKE: One of our treasures

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Prince Philip, duke of everybody’s heart.

It is with great sorrow that the British public learns that he is stepping away from the lights into a more sedately lifestyle.

He will be a great miss, having been the bulwark to the Queen’s reign and giving Queen Elizabeth the strength for public duties.

The British public loved his forthright naval attitude. In private and public engagements, he was ever the wit, an effervescent sort of person. It is fortunate that the British public have him as the Queen’s Consort.

We think of him as one of the treasures we are lucky to have, a shining gem that sparkles and shines.

We always thought of him being there, a tower of strength to the royal family, so it is with great sorrow that we see him leave the limelight.

We salute you, sir, for your more than competent duties to the Queen’s reign and public duties, but as the song says, “come back soon”.

Mrs CJ Hovsepian