Ex-NUM leader crossed the line

A STRIKING Ashington miner in the 1984-85 dispute lost his home and had to pay the instalments on a central heating system which he had installed prior to the dispute, which the new owner of his home would benefit from.

He was obliged to continue to pay many months after the end of the strike. A very bitter pill to swallow.

Arthur Scargill fared a lot better with his homes in Barnsley and London paid by the National Union of Mineworkers.

Mines have closed, members donations have dried up and yet he said the union could afford to pay the £34,000 rental for his Barbican flat in London and took his own union to court to justify his claim.

Yet he would have known about the loss of revenue from union subscriptions due to pit closures.

The striking miner did not cross the line; Scargill on this occasion has.