FACILITIES: Bring good times back

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I am a pensioner who is nearly 87 years old, born and lived in Newbiggin all my life.

I am disgusted by the apparent lack of action from councillors over the way we are being treated by our post office.

I wrote about it at the beginning and it started the ball rolling.

Well, we got a post office, but what good is it? It seems that it’s either closed or it has no money to pay our pensions.

We had three post offices and three banks – all gone.

More houses are being built, but fewer facilities.

The old people who have lived here all our lives seem to be being forgotten.

Councillors are voted in by the people to serve our needs, but I don’t believe they’re doing that at the moment.

I wonder how many people still living in Newbiggin remember the night the bomb dropped. It was an awful night, I’ll never forget it, but neighbours came out and we all helped each other.

Newbiggin was a lovely place. You had a shelter in the middle of the prom with toilets, and you could sit in the shelter when it rained.

There was a bandstand on the prom, not where it is now, so you could sit and listen to the music at weekends. It was full of people.

So come on councillors, vicars and our MP, get our village back so that the old people can enjoy it once again, and both old and families can enjoy coming once again to Newbiggin.

Mrs Turnbull

Newbiggin by the Sea