Films to attract the movie moguls

CAN someone please explain how county councillors could be getting allowance increases at the same time as discussing shifting responsibilities to unelected parish councils?

There are 1,237 parish councillors in Northumberland, of which only eight per cent have been elected.

We are now faced with the prospect of parish councillors claiming expenses for the extra responsibility of organising jobs the county pass on.

I have been thinking recently of a way to perhaps stop local authorities spoiling the landscape of Northumberland.

I realise that the landscape of the county is arguably its finest asset.

To see the numerous wind turbines going up and plans for even more opencast mining in Northumberland seems unstoppable.

However, if we could perhaps influence a few more TV and film makers to the area to use the excellent locations for more films and TV shows, then we could argue to local authorities that putting up more wind turbines and digging more holes would have a negative effect on the possible revenues to be gained. What I mean is, appeal to their wallets.

I have a few film titles to whet the appetite – A Bridge over the River Blyth, Gone With the Wind Turbines, One Flew Over the Cowpen Estate, Dial M for Morpeth, Sleepless in Stobswood and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Charvers.