Finally dog fouling is being tackled

WHILST I am in full agreement with J Hill’s remarks regarding litter on the beach and pavements in Blyth (News Post Leader, January 13), I am delighted that at last something is being done about the amount of dog excrement the people in Blyth have to negotiate when walking on the footpaths, beach, promenade, children’s playgrounds, playing fields, grass verges and worst of all outside schools.

This can be a very serious health hazard. There are several diseases caused by dog excrement including blindness.

After the recent thaw piles of excrement were on every footpath between South Beach and the town.

I would be very happy to help clean up the beach but I will never clean up after dogs – that is the responsibility of the owners.

I emphasise I am not anti-dog, I am, however, pro-child.


South Beach