FUND: Supporting our brave veterans

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Each Father’s Day I am thankful that I was one of the lucky ones.

My father, Spitfire pilot Allan Scott, returned from the Second World War to continue his career in the RAF and become grandfather to my three children and a great-grandfather.

I am grateful that he was not one of the thousands of men who did not become fathers or left children behind, having made the ultimate sacrifice so that we, the next generation, may live in peace and freedom.

I am immensely proud of my dad and his RAF service, selflessly taking to the skies in defence of our nation when he knew the odds of survival were slim.

Allan flew throughout the war, most notably taking part in the Battle for Malta, helping to free the stricken island from a years-long siege.

For those who were not as lucky, I am grateful that the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund stepped in to help those bereaved and injured during the war, and continues to stand side by side with them, and all of those who have served since.

I know my father and his RAF comrades were not the first generation, and sadly will not be the last, to risk everything to protect our shores. But they do so in the knowledge that should the worst happen, the RAF Benevolent Fund will be there in their hour of need.

If you know an RAF veteran who could benefit from extra support, call 0800 169 2942.

Murray Scott

Proud RAF son