How many want to vote aged 16?

WITH regard to the Youth Parliament for Northumberland (News Post Leader, January 3), apparently its members are concerned about issues such as voting at 16, educational support, environmental sustainability, better wages for young people, and improving rural public transport.

I wonder how many teenagers really want to vote at 16, and I say this having met many young people who show no interest in voting even when they are old enough to do so.

Environmental sustainability is an emotive issue, but I have yet to come across a famous politician who does not have a massive carbon footprint - except for José Mujica, and he is not nearly as famous as he deserves to be.

While I am sure there is a case to be made for young people earning more money, it is fair to point out that many employers would be less inclined to recruit young people if they were unable to get them as ‘cheap labour’ (or apprentices as they are correctly termed).

I will not comment on educational support, as I am not sure what they mean by that.

As for rural public transport, that is indeed an important issue, and I hope that the members of the Youth Parliament for Northumberland will recognise the atrocious record of Northumberland County Council on this issue.

And for the benefit of those without access to the internet, José Mujica is the president of Uruguay.