IMPROVEMENTS: Situation is now worse

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After much roadworks and alterations to Cowpen Road, it is all over and open as usual.

I say ‘as usual’ as the improvements seem to have made very little difference.

In fact, if travelling to Blyth from the A189 Asda turn-off it appears to be worse, if that was possible.

The signage at the small roundabout turn to Asda telling you that you can go straight on, as well as turn right, appears to have given a green light for all those ‘extremely busy and important’ road users to go straight over and eventually squash into the left lane users.

We now seem to have two lines of very slow moving traffic trying to merge into one lane by the old Kitty Brewster pub, which causes a back-up towards the Spine Road.

I’m fairly sure that this isn’t what was intended by the roadworks.

I would ask the county council officers responsible to park themselves there at rush hour and see if they think they have done a good job and achieved exactly what they intended.

Stephen Thompson

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