Keep town tidy to attract prosperity

I AM in agreement with D Cowton, Ashington, (News Post Leader, December 27, ‘Where is man and his broom’).

People it seems do not have any respect for the town where they live.

You used to be fined for throwing litter on the road or pavement.

Now people come out of convenience food stores and have eaten their purchase they discard the wrapping – anywhere but in the bins provided.

Outside the numerous ‘clubs’, where customers congregate to smoke, the same happens, the butts are thrown onto the pavement or in the gutter.

The evidence is there the following morning, a disgusting mess for others to walk through.

If the town was kept tidy then some people might get the message and start acting responsibly.

Can’t the pavement leaf sweepers be utilised, going around the town centre daily to help keep the place presentable.

We want prosperity, visitors, and investment to come to our town.

Would you want to go somewhere that looks such a mess?