LEISURE: Maintenance is needed

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I have recently sent an email to Northumberland County Council highlighting the seemingly severe shortfalls in the health and safety and maintenance of Blyth Leisure Centre.

Over the last month I’ve been disgusted at the state of this facility and the apparent lack of repairs and maintenance.

The gym has equipment out of use – cycles lay dormant for weeks with dirty notices slapped on them.

There is no cleaning spray bottles, just the odd roll of paper to wipe away the previous occupier’s sweat, a serious hygiene issue.

I have even seen electrical wires laying on the floor under cycles. Having been like this for weeks and not being touched or moved, photographs can be supplied.

There is rust flaking off equipment, again photos can be supplied.

The changing rooms smell of sewers and it seems that nothing to neutralise the smell has ever been used.

There are no hangers on doors to put your clothes on, just a wet, smelly floor. Again, it comes down to general maintenance.

The health suite steam room has been out of order for three weeks now.

Missing tiles inside the steam room from the seating area have never been replaced. There are also tiles missing from walls on the corners of the entrance to the pool from the health suite.

When I asked if I would receive a refund in part for the health suite not being repaired, I was shrugged at by staff.

If customers ask when it will be repaired, there is, again, a shrug.

Northumberland County Council made an announcement relating to a new leisure centre months ago when an election was looming, yet there has been no more mention of location, timeline, etc.

I find the news quite surprising since it appears that the council cannot maintain the leisure centre it has now.

I have sat back and watched over the past month to see if any of these faults were rectified, but none were.

Why should we continue to accept these standards?

I, for one, have had enough.

Keith Armstrong