MEETING: Tackle this behaviour

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As candidates in local elections, we would like to highlight to your readers in the South Blyth and town centre areas that we, along with our Labour colleagues and any other party that wishes to join us, are serious about resolving the problems besetting our town.

We’ve got escalating anti-social behaviour issues in the area and across the town, particularly in Blyth town centre and the South Beach area.

This is why we’re calling a community meeting at Ridley Park bowling pavilion on Tuesday, April 18, at 7pm.

We want to send a clear message to those who are engaged in dangerous driving and fighting, and to Northumbria Police, whose job it is to make the streets safe for ordinary, law abiding people in Blyth, that we want to see action to tackle this blight now.

We’re investing millions in redeveloping the town and we can’t allow a small minority to ruin it for the silent majority.

This isn’t a party political matter and we’d like to invite all parties to join us in tackling anti-social behaviour in Blyth.

Eileen Cartie, Kath Nisbet, Linda Neslund, Olga Potts