More money will only be wasted

I DON’T think I will be the only reader who would like to comment on Coun Penny Reid’s letter “... the council is to take on more responsibility ... to improve the market place” (News Post Leader, February 3).

Not many years ago hundreds of thousands of pounds was spent by the old Blyth Valley Borough Council on transforming the old market place into the concrete prison exercise yard it resembles today.

Are the pathetic fountains, which flood the walkway, ever switched on?

Where did the red and white striped canvas stalls, which couldn’t stand the wind, go?

Could someone explain the expensive ‘work of art’ tower to me?

I was among quite a few members of the public who spoke up at the ‘consultation’ meeting when the plans for the present makeover were being drawn up.

We suggested:

a) An attractive roofed area under which the stalls could be set out, and where people could sit in the summer time

b) Use the existing, very comfortable, wooden seating

c) Keep the flower boxes, which always looked attractive

We did not consider a piece of art work was necessary, and fountains were a step too far and too expensive.

The note-taking secretary duly recorded all of this, but as I left the meeting, a councillor whispered in my ear that I was wasting my time and the plans were cut and dried.

How much more money is going to be wasted in this time of economic cutbacks?