MP: Voters are watching

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I read with interest Ian Lavery’s enthusiastic support for the proposed railway line to Newcastle, (News Post Leader, October 20).

Mr Lavery thinks that it will be a boost for this area, but I think that he is looking at the proposal from the wrong angle.

Instead of boosting the area, I think that it will actually detract from the area and divert any growth to Newcastle.

Once the line gets under way, if it ever happens, people from Ashington, Bedlington and Blyth will find it easier to travel to the city to do their shopping or go to work, so why would businesses open new shops and facilities here?

The train service would make it much cheaper for them to expand their existing buildings, rather than open new ones in one of the three smaller towns.

So if the residents of Wansbeck and Blyth Valley find it more convenient to get into Newcastle, they may spend more there than they do now, which would depress the local economy even more.

I was also watching Mr Lavery during the Commons’ debate on the House of Lords reform and size of the House of Commons and he almost spat the word Tory at every opportunity.

He was very critical of who, from the government side, had been promoted into the House of Lords, and yet never once mentioned the disgraceful appointment of Shami Chakrabarti not only to the Lords, but also to the shadow cabinet.

Maybe as he is now a shadow minister himself he has to tow the party line and not criticise his boss.

It begs the question, as Northumberland voted by a good majority to leave the EU, will he vote against the electorate, if any vote is allowed, and vote with his party to stay in the EU?

Mr Lavery seems concerned about how the boundary changes will affect his chances of re-election. He should be more concerned that his stance on Brexit will be seen by the voters of Northumberland.

Ian Forster