No improvement in market place

I WOULD like to comment on the letter from Coun Penny Reid (News Post Leader, January 27).

It is good to know that the new Blyth Town Council has so many things in the pipeline for the good of the people of the town, but unfortunately the words Blyth market place and ‘improvement’ cannot be used in the same sentence by most people who view it.

While the year and a half building fiasco cost the surrounding shops dearly in lost trade, the final result when the fence was removed was, to say the least, grey and depressing.

Now, months on, it is filthy, grey and depressing.

This ‘improvement’ was voted and passed by the old Blyth Valley Borough Council, which took a lively, bustling market place and turned into a blot on the landscape.

Surely this was the biggest waste of public money in recent years when we have a bus station that would not look out of place in a Third World country.

I have read that the bus station may be relocated down on the Quayside, but I hope this does not damage the centre of Blyth with even less visitor numbers.

The councillors involved in the decision making may accuse me of backward thinking and negativity, so may I suggest they hire a market stall (plenty of room, only half the stallholders have returned) and sit on the concrete seating areas (take a cloth to remove pigeon droppings) and ask the people of Blyth for their opinions.

As we have a wonderful park and glorious beach we can only hope the new town council can improve our shopping areas.