OUTING: Day was just exceptional

Cragside house. Ref: JCNG cragside tv 3
Cragside house. Ref: JCNG cragside tv 3

May we give a big thank-you to the CVS’ Ashington golden age forum, which hosted a lovely day outing to Cragside.

Cragside Gardens were ablaze with the colours of the rhododendrons – a picture of colour and beauty. The driver, Ken, gets our vote for taking us to Rothbury, Warkworth and even to get fresh eggs at Armstrong Farms’ open day. Even the weather stayed good, and for entertainment we had the effervescent Christine.

It was a day that was exceptional in sightseeing and for the kindness of people. Thank you, one and all.

Mrs CJ Hovsepian

Newbiggin by the Sea