PARKING: Inadequate provision

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I went to the event at the Blyth World War II gun battery at the weekend.

The place was packed, thousands of people were there, and the car park was full.

Cars were parked on the grass verge.

We decided to drive to the car park overspill, which was a mile away from the actual event.

It was raining hard and I had my two-year-old grandson with me so a mile walk was out of the question.

Anyway, we were lucky. We went back to the main car park and a car came out of a coach space so we parked there.

After a fantastic day, you can imagine our disappointment to find that we had been fined by the enforcement officer for parking in the coach bay, despite there being no coaches.

The enforcement official had given every car that had parked on the grass verge a ticket, with the exception of the RAF cadet recruitment vehicle.

I feel it is really beyond a joke to advertise this event for months without apparently making adequate parking available, and then to have a traffic warden slapping fine after fine after fine on the unsuspecting cars.

The council must have made a small fortune.

I feel these restrictions should have been lifted for the weekend, just for that event.

The council must have known this would happen with inadequate parking.

Why else would it send a traffic warden?

Margaret Paterson