PLANS: Safer with underpass

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I recently attended the exhibition of Cramlington town centre plans in what was the new Cramlington Library before it was used as council offices and now stands empty.

The proposed plans are to demolish the old library, health centre, social services building and police station, and put another road here, along with six shop units.

I agree that part of the town needs updating, but am not convinced that we need more shops.

I have family working in retail who tell me that our shopping habits are changing, with more of us shopping online.

It’s easy to see the planners are looking for high rents, but will they materialise?

I was also extremely concerned at being told there are plans to do away with the underpass on the south side of these plans as I live in that area and use the underpass to access the town centre.

I think this would be a disaster.

It would also force pupils from the two largest schools in Cramlington, who regularly use this route, to have to cross two busy roads twice daily.

I have lived in Cramlington for 50 years and the cycle tracks and underpasses were built for the safety of residents when the town was planned.

By all means upgrade the underpasses, they are sorely neglected, but it would be a retrograde step to do away with them altogether and would discourage people from walking, resulting in more cars on the roads and a need for more parking spaces.

I understand this is just a consultation process and sincerely hope these concerns will be addressed before the plans go ahead.

Averill Robson

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