PLANS: Set the party politics aside

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Thanks for keeping people informed of developments over the planning application for the large housing estate in New Hartley, and well done to the residents of the village who have shown exemplary community character throughout their campaign.

I cannot stand by when their efforts were overturned by a poorly-timed change in housing legislation.

I do not have a strong opinion on whether there should be a housing estate on the field. I can even see benefits.

However, if this project proceeds it will stand as testimony to the ability of our elected authorities to bulldoze the wishes of the people they claim to serve.

I see on your letters page the beginning of tiresome arguing over which political party is at fault. We get nowhere in life if we cannot work together with others, finding ways of reconciling our differences.

I appeal to our leaders to have the courage to model a new way of doing politics here. Use the collaborative methods that industry strives to adopt. Try it out for this situation in New Hartley.

What would it say if the Conservative leader of Northumberland County Council took up a fight for a Labour stronghold just because he wanted to show that justice was done and seen to be done?

Let’s not squabble about what colour the climbing frame should be while the ‘big boys’ come in and steal our bicycles.

Dr Libby Cripps

New Hartley