POEM: United

editorial image

The weft and the warp once combined

Takes us back to pre football times

The black and white we love today

Was once united in just this way.

The passionate waving at Leazes Park

Comes from technology out of the ark

Grey and cream they waved back then

When shooing sheep back into the pen.

The Falkirk plaid was the first we found

In a wee brown pot found underground

Two colour weave of brown and cream

‘Border drab’ had arrived on the scene.

It travelled down over the centuries

It’s colour scheme was bound to please

Untreated wool of cream and grey

Robbie Burns ensured it was here to stay.

It was a canny colour out on the moor

Stood out too on the dancing floor

John Hogg and bonny Walter Scott

Were next inveigled into this plot.

In Roman times they wore this plaid

The only two colours that they had

Today we have choice in colour hue

But still prefer this monochrome view.

Northumbrians today prefer it still

It shows them all of history’s will

Now black and white and colour fast

It keeps them anchored in their past.

Adrian McRobb