POLITICS: Concern for the future

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I have watched developments within my town for some time from afar and have been cautiously optimistic by what I have seen so far.

The closure of Tesco was a hammer blow to our community, particularly after it had promised to do so much.

The council and Arch have stepped in and plans are in place for the publicly funded regeneration project to invest where the private sector has failed miserably.

Not only are they moving ahead with the Pipers Place town centre development, but the old school site is to be developed and the rail link is to be restored.

My concern is about the various ‘independent’ groupings that have formed. In principle it sounds great, but in practice I fear all it is likely to do is to push us right to the back of the queue.

They have recently announced candidates and have failed to rule out working with the Conservatives, who have already advised that they would scarp Arch, the council company which is actually delivering investment in Bedlington.

They have also expressed a desire to transfer Arch tenants to a different housing company.

The independents’ failure to rule out working with the Conservative Party makes me extremely anxious for the future.

L Marshall