POLITICS: Party seems not to care

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I couldn’t let the letter from Alan Thompson go unchallenged, (News Post Leader, October 19).

Although the 2008 crash has been attributed to Labour, it was a global crash, not foreseen by most countries.

The action plan that the Labour party instigated was actually working. There is lots of independent information on the internet if you have a look.

When the Tories took over they changed the way to reduce the deficit by changing who it should be that should be penalised. It appears that they chose the poorest in society and the public sector, leaving the bankers to get off scot free.

The Labour Party manifesto was properly costed. Austerity under the Tories appears to be worse and it seems that it will take forever under them to recover.

The Tories appear not to care about the poorest in society. I fail to see how that could be worse under any other party, but please, if it is to be another party, let it be Labour.

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