POLITICS: We’ll work with anyone

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As Make A Noise for Bedlington Independent candidates for the Central and East wards we would like to clarify our position in light of L Marshall’s letter, (News Post Leader, April 13).

We applaud the involvement of Arch in the Old School site and have frequently expressed our desire for the Pipers Place (Tesco site) development turning into reality.

We have clearly stated that, if elected, we will work with anyone at County Hall – Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and/or fellow Independents in order to get the best for Bedlington.

Clearly, a likely outcome after May 4 is that either the Conservative or Labour Party become the biggest single political group and would therefore form the next county council administration.

We feel that to rule out working with one of those to achieve the best for Bedlington would be a grave error that could only have a negative impact on the town.

This would particularly be the case if neither possessed an overall majority. They would need to collaborate with other members. That would surely put any Independent Bedlington representatives in a powerful negotiating position to secure improvements for the town.

Finally, L Marshall also states that Independent candidates have “expressed a desire to transfer Arch tenants to a different housing company”. We have not heard that view, but wish to categorically state that would not be the position of the MAN4B Independent candidates.

Bill Crosby, Bedlington East candidate

Russ Wallace, Bedlington Central candidate