POTHOLES: Repair was done quickly

Potholes, Northumberland
Potholes, Northumberland

A quick thank you to all the Northumberland County Council team who have repaired the potholes at the pedestrian crossing junction at Waterloo Road/Thoroton Street.

This has been done as soon as possible after the council was made aware of the situation.

Furthermore, a very belated public thank you to the Labour county councillor who, with two council men and myself, walked the town centre areas.

Problems pedestrians faced were noted. The report has been at County Hall for a while.

Sadly, it seems some councillors have more important projects to deal with than Blyth town centre pavements.

The question is, who at the present time in days of austerity and cutbacks is benefitting from their projects?

It certainly is not the people of Blyth.

E Cain