POTHOLES: Solution is needed now

A pothole.
A pothole.

Myself and other members of the public are sick and tired of the pot holes frequently appearing on the roads in our area and elsewhere, necessitating phone calls to Northumberland County Council about complaints and repair.

There is always a danger of passing cars throwing up the hardcore debris of the holes, hitting the windows and doors, and causing damage to property.

Haven’t we yet found an answer to this problem? We are sure it is costing millions of pounds for road repairs around Britain each year, now happening in all seasons. Please, universities and research laboratories get a move on and get a strong material to keep these holes from expanding.

I’m sick of seeing in Windsor Road, Newbiggin, a makeshift patchwork quilt of a surface, with holes appearing frequently, and wondering if the house is going to take a direct hit of stones from the road when cars come along.

We wonder if other western European countries have this problem. We know what the answer would be.

From an irate taxpayer who wants good standards.

CJ Hovsepian

Newbiggin by the Sea