Priority is in the wrong place

I recently took my grandson to school at South Beach Bead Academy.

It has been a couple of years since I have done this due to working away from home.

On arrival at the car park, to my surprise there was a traffic warden standing on duty.

I can’t see what good they were doing in that position. Should they not be patrolling the adjoining streets to prevent illegal parking outside of people’s homes?

I stopped my car at the last house in Curlew Way, well before the yellow zig zag lines and without any access problems for the owners of the said house, for my grandson to vacate the car.

I proceeded to turn the car around in the car park and found it very difficult to complete this due to the amount of people trying their hardest to park their cars.

In a way this should help to ease the parking problems during school hours for the home owners in the vicinity.

But my complaint is if you can afford to spend our council tax on traffic wardens to gain more money for the council in fines, then why is it you cannot afford for someone to patrol the playing fields each morning and tea time when it is at its busiest periods for dog walkers fouling the fields?

It is very obvious that not all dog owners are picking up the dog mess; we have children playing on the fields amongst all this excess mess.

The playing fields are in a disgusting state and should become a priority for the council to clean up and try to catch the culprits in the act, and name and shame these inconsiderate people and fine them heavily.

Name and address supplied