REGENERATION: Make the best of site

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Much has been spoken and written recently about the colossal waste of money – more than £2m – engendered by the premature preparations for a new County HQ in Ashington.

Evidently, since the Tory administration axed the plan, the site has been abandoned, with machines and rubble all there is to left to see.

What to do with this area is the question?

Well here is an idea. Why not have the whole place landscaped so that in the centre of Ashington there is a huge green area with gardens, an adventure playground for children, maybe a BMX track for the older ones, and dare I say it, a bandstand or performing area? Done properly and involving the views of residents, it could become an excellent leisure asset right in the middle of town.

Even though the previous Labour administration wasted money on the proposed HQ move, which the people of Northumberland clearly didn’t want, it’s now time to make the best of a bad job.

As a way of contributing to the regeneration of Ashington this would be a first step.

Frank Dobson