RESEARCH: Seeking ship information

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I am a member of a group called Friends of LV50, which is the lightship moored in Blyth harbour and the headquarters of the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club (RNYC).

We are engaged in the task of researching the history of the vessel and are keen to find out if anyone in the Blyth area can help.

We are looking for any old photographs, stories and documents, which we are sure people might have tucked away.

The ship was bought by the RNYC in 1952 from a breakers’ yard in Ipswich and towed up to Blyth. There was good press coverage and I am sure there will have been amateur photographers out in force for her arrival in the river.

Although we know that LV50 was built in 1879 (there are good accounts of her initial commissioning), the yard and location of her construction are unknown because records held by Trinity House were destroyed in a fire following a bombing raid in 1940.

Today, National Historic Ships UK registers her as being of national importance.

If anyone can help, please email

Frank Higham

Seaton Sluice