Respect residents at cash machine

IN the News Post Leader December 23, 2010, there is an advertisement informing readers of a 24-hour cash machine outside the Spar shop in Seghill.

The owner refers to his customers’ reaction to the machine as being “fantastic” and it is “very busy”.

Yes, it is fantastic, and yes, it is great to have it so busy. I’m pleased when any facility in Seghill is successful.

But may I offer a little caution and ask that those who are likely to use this cash machine that they do so in a respectful manner.

Respectful to residents who live in nearby houses.

A cash machine which works continuously throughout every day is obviously designed to meet emergency needs to have cash in the pocket.

If this ‘need’ manifests itself in the early hours of the morning, then it is likely that the customer could be a reveller, or someone returning home in a taxi.

Doors slamming, music blaring and the inevitable beep, beep, beep as the machine works it magic, inevitably wakens nearby residents from their sleep, and while the machine may be free for the customer to use, the ‘free’ which stretches to the neighbours is in the word ‘sleep free’.

Can I appeal to all users of this, and every other cash machine, wherever it may be positioned, to please exercise a discreet presence while you obtain the cash so that you can pay the taxi driver, petrol or any other urgent purchase.

Please don’t play loud music, slam car doors or dispose of any rubbish.

Please remember that those who live nearby are simply trying hard to get enough sleep to carry them through the next day.

Enjoy yourself, have fun and at the same time remember the neighbours.


Seghill with Seaton Delaval