REVIEW: Dancing was just brilliant

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Imagine downtown Chicago or New Orleans. It’s early morning, musty, heavy laden air hangs over the town. People are yawning, getting up slowly to work in their neighbourhoods, dark rings around their eyes.

We pan down to one particular establishment, a working hot shot Burlesque theatre, where the matriarch is showing off her dancers to the full house audience, Madam Michelle and her School of Dancing.

The lights switch on to the stage, cameras snap and chatter onto the chorus line, ‘Ready girls?’. Instantly the dancers perform their cabaret, it is electrifyingly good.

The audience clap their approval, plus a few wolf whistles and a howl of ‘do it again’.

Next is tiny tots tap dancing to Julie Andrews’ A Spoonful of Sugar, and If You Should Go Down To The Woods Today.

After the interval the dancers performed ballet to the tune of Titanic and Irish lullabies. The dancers’ choreography and movements were outstanding.

From the beginning to the end of the show, it was brilliant, an excellent show in the Phoenix Theatre, Blyth.

Sorry folks, the truth is you’ll have to wait until next year to watch Michelle School of Dancing, Ellington, perform another show.

Mrs CJ Hovsepian

Newbiggin by the Sea