Robbery victim says thank you

I AM a 78-year-old lady with difficulty walking after surgery for a knee replacement.

On Saturday, December 22, at 6.10pm, I was robbed of my bag by a person who came up behind me and pulled the bag from my arm.

He ran to the back entrance of the Keel Row centre in Blyth where there was another person with him.

As for these people involved, what they got was not worth taking the risk for as I do not carry anything of value on me.

I hope if they have parents of my age nothing like this ever happens to them as it has now left me frightened and nervous.

Through the News Post Leader I would like to thank the police officers who came to my assistance, also the staff of Mecca Bingo for all their help. I am so grateful. Also, to all the people who have asked how I am keeping.

It just goes to show there are still kind and decent people in the world.

Once again, thanks to all involved for their help.