SEARCH: Looking for the Dunns

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I am searching for what is to me a long lost family by the name of Dunn, who used to live at 89 Ninth Row, Ashington.

In 1963, I came across a Mr Dunn in the British Army, stationed at 94 Locating Regiment, Royal Artillery, in Celle, Germany.

We were the RAOC, attached to the REME, attached to the RA.

All the time we knew him, he was simply known as ‘Geordie Dunn’, from Ashington.

He was always easily recognised by people of my generation because he was a perfect double to the old stage and screen star Arthur Askey – short, glasses and all.

Another man who was stationed with us was called Charlie Schembri, a Maltese lad, and I believe Geordie Dunn married his sister.

I have often wanted to trace him.

For a while, I wrote to his sister as a pen-pal. Though I have forgotten her name, I will never forget that she was a very beautiful girl with long, blonde hair, who played in a local kids’ jazz band.

On August 24, while at my son’s garage in Pegswood, I decided to drive the extra two-and-a-half miles to Ashington.

Naturally, after 53 years, I did not expect to find any trace of the family, but I found the actual house and a man who had been living there these past 15 years.

I did find an old lady of 92, but she could not recall the name.

So my next idea was to try a local paper, hence this letter.

Old pit villages are usually very tightly-knit communities so it is possible some reader may remember the Dunn family.

I am now 74 and any remaining family will be around the same age.

This is a very rusty needle in a very old worn haystack so I don’t expect to hear from anyone, but who knows?

John Anthony Stott

(known as Smiler in Germany)

61 Stridingedge