SERVICES: Fight for our village needs

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I was going down the street in Newbiggin and noticed that the new shops, where the Dolphin was, were ready.

To my disgust on one of the shops it said ‘Newbiggin Council Office’.

That is the last thing we want – it’s a post office we need. Without one, it’s killing Newbiggin.

During the war the Germans bombed us, they tried to kill the village, but they did not succeed. But this is.

I thought councillors were there to serve the people and see to our needs.

If they don’t do something soon, we’ll have no shops as people go to Ashington for their pension and just shop there.

If councillors don’t want to fight for a post office for us, they shouldn’t be a councillor.

We want people who will fight for these things and save our village and shops.

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