SHOPPING: Where is the quality?

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It’s nice to see Cramlington getting yet another restaurant – Nandos is opening soon.

Can someone please tell my why Blyth gets no investment from good quality chains, apart from a few good retailers?

I must say thank you for staying, all Blyth seems to offer is cheap pound shops.

We now have a new hotel, but I can’t help thinking that the guests are going to be disappointed with their shopping experience, unless they have a pocket full of pound coins.

The biggest event coming to Blyth, with over 500,000 visitors expected, is the Tall Ships, and we can’t even give them a clean toilet.

The toilets in the town square are disgusting, the smell hits you at the door.

The streets are full of rubbish, with a lack of bins.

Hundreds of new houses are being built, which means thousands of new people in the area with money to spend, and where do they go shopping? Cramlington or Morpeth.

The apparent neglect of our streets and town centre is a massive let down to any investor.

This council should talk to branded stores and restaurants, and persuade them that Blyth is a good place to invest.

People have the money, we want to spend it, but if you want quality, you have to go somewhere else.

Mark Stevens