Show us that you care for our town

I FOUND myself reading with interest the letter from Coun Jeff Reid (News Post Leader, March 17), leader of Northumberland County Council.

I was extremely amazed to find that I agreed with many a point he put forward, in fact I was astounded that I agreed with him at all.

It will take a miracle for any council to repair the 35 years damage that has been done to Ashington, and no way will it happen in the near future.

The waste of regeneration funds that have been available to improve Ashington turns my stomach as I believe it does with others.

No one listened to what the people of Ashington wanted when they just bulldozed ahead with projects.

I am sorry Mr Reid but this is where you and I will part on agreeing. You mention that the council has a strategic plan, would it be to go the same way as the former Labour-run council?

I ask this as money has been spent on ‘New bowls green, a disabled hoist, Sky TV, boilers, windows, £20,000 on heating repairs’ and so on. And all this on a condemned building?

Then to add to this we receive a leaflet on Ashington being one of Northumberland’s best shopping centres. Did whoever produce this drive through with a blindfold on? And at what cost to us were these leaflets?

Then there is the lovely Ashington market, with its new green stalls. Who funded these?

Last, but not least, can the council justify the rumour of a £10,000 gala that might be held to try and promote Ashington as something it is not?

Would this money not have been better spent on cleaning Ashington up, restoring the pride of the people, building up the community, using the laws to fine those that persist in breaking the rules and checking out and monitoring all monies given to establishments that promote working within and alongside the community to provide services that are needed to improve the quality in Ashington.

Please listen to what we the public want, show us where the money goes, show us the benefits it will give us the community.

Act on the real needs and wants in the community, talk to the real people of Ashington, show them you listen, show them that you will be the council that will really work to improve, rebuild, and restore the pride in Ashington.


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