SPIRIT: Together we work best

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‘Pick yourself up and take a deep breath, dust yourself off, and start all over again’.

Recently I read a piece by C McGill about our country, but what has warmed my heart and made me proud is the resolve, the laughter in the face of adversity and the way that people march on, despite it all.

This summed up how I felt over the recent events in London and Manchester.

These events brought me, my family, friends and, I am sure, thousands of others to tears. Such an awful, despicable waste.

My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones or who were affected or injured by these immoral, unprovoked acts.

Then you read all the stories of those courageous, hardworking, generous people working alongside the emergency services and other staff, and all their efforts then and since. This is real courage.

I think of this country as a whole – English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and our foreign friends who live here peacefully and in harmony.

Our strengths are in our quirky, stubborn, funny, diverse, bright, talented and determined people.

When we work as one, that is when we see the very best of ourselves.

Other events have left some feeling uncertain for our future, but it’s time now to celebrate how lucky we are to be in this country, surrounded by such fearless, generous and inspirational people.

Mrs CV Hovsepian

Newbiggin by the Sea