TOWN: Use cash to revitalise

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Does anyone know how many empty shops we have in Blyth town centre?

I do. At today’s count, we have 18 empty shops. Does anyone care?

Eighteen empty shops means a lack of interest from the local community, who would apparently prefer to shop where there is a much larger choice and wider range of goods and services on offer.

Why is our town becoming so deserted? Even the once thriving town market is rapidly disappearing and may soon be lost forever, leaving a vast open space of nothing.

We were told that two tall ships events and two cycle events in Blyth brought in huge amounts of money to our area. Where is it?

The Port of Blyth and Harbour Commission, we are led to believe, are doing well. Narec, etc, is also bringing in much-needed revenue. Where is it?

All the new housing must also be an additional source of revenue to Blyth. Where is it?

The town centre, by its own definition, is the centre and hub of the of the community and should be treated as such and be given the attention it deserves.

I only hope that it’s not too late to rescue our town from the impending closure.

Bring life back and have something we can be proud of.

John Wilson